Body Contour Review: The Skin Girls

So an update on my treatments with The Skin Girls of Gastown, Vancouver and I KNOW you hear me mention The Skin Girls often in a lot of my posts with treatments I have but it’s because every single experience has been an amazing one where I have actually seen results so I am always sharing my best recommendations since you’ve been emailing in and asking! So since summer is basically upon us, I figured it’s time to get online and really document in the area of body contour treatments. Before seeing The Skin Girls, I was a skeptic about how these devices applied to the skin could penetrate and affect the fatty tissue deep below. But it is possible and I am a living example.

I waited a minute on this review just to test drive the results of the body contouring treatments I have tried with The Skin Girls as I get questions coming in especially before summer about BodyFX (previous post here) and other forms of body contour treatments and if they really worked. My raving review on BodyFX generated a great amount of interest from all of you so I have been happy to share that with you and I am even happier to share my experience with their Forma laser treatment. Last visit we went ahead and tried their Forma laser treatment which is a radio frequency based treatment to target firming and toning of the structures within the treated area. For this, we treated the back of thighs again. After my first BodyFX treatment I was so happy and so floored with the results so I figured we could keep going with the same area and see what Forma could now do for me especially since it had been some time since I had been in for the BodyFX.

Effects for Forma are seen just about right away. It’s different in that of BodyFX as the results with BodyFX are 2 – 4 weeks post-treatment. With Forma the wand heats and is an ‘in motion’ treatment, unlike BodyFX which has a suctioning motion generated from the handpiece than a heating sensation to where you feel like you’re just about to burn. Forma is actually quite pleasant in this respect. The radiofrequency targets the area in firming by collagen building and toning the skin which helps diminish cellulite and adipose tissue in that area. Just before summer? Yes, please.

I have seen a dramatic result with the just the two treatments. Believe me, when I say this, I hated the back of my thighs and I often wondered if any amount of working out would help the lumps and bumps I was seeing back there because it seemed as though it was all just resisting my every effort to work out and eat pretty damn clean. After two treatments I’m actually quite impressed. Initially a skeptic about these types of treatments, I can honestly say I am a believer in what The Skin Girls have to offer. I am not completely smooth in the area yet but one treatment isn’t a yielder of miracles so some realism is needed when considering body contouring. I can’t imagine how I will feel when I’m done a full recommended series of 6 sessions!

So would I recommend body contour treatments? With The Skin Girls, I would and I can’t say for anywhere else. They are amazing at what they do. A lot of time I hear about people being burned at other clinics or treatments just not working and being a bit of a money grab. But I can vouch that The Skin Girls have and do live up to their claims about what they can do for you in your skincare needs. They are the only spa to carry the BodyFX body contouring system as well and when paired with the Forma laser, kiss that fat goodbye. They frequently have promotions and they’ll so offer packages for body contouring treatments! So get to following them on Instagram @theskingirls or hit up their website to check out what they are currently up to and the full range of services they offer.
Stay tuned on my next post with the before and after photos after I’ve completed a series of treatments! Targeting abs for this one as that’s a trouble spot for a lot of us women and most of you writing me are wondering if I’ve tried it on my stomach and if it worked! I am basically within 5-10lbs of my goal weight so it would be a great area for me to judge the amount of change to that treated area.

Blog by: VenetiaDarling